Peace and quiet at the Great Wall

There are many areas around Beijing where you can visit China’s majestic Wall. Some parts are fully restored while others are more authentic. The area around Gubeikou has both and it is famous for a stretch of “wild” Wall. After a great night of sleep and enjoying breakfast in the garden, it was time for […]

Double lucky in the Gobi

The Gobi desert can be divided in four regions: the Middle Gobi in the north (Dundgov), the East Gobi (Dornogov), the South Gobi (Ömnögov) and in the west the Altai Gobi. Gerlee, our guide, explained that by calling it a desert, we probably would be expecting a big sand pit. During the first part of […]

The East-Siberian Capital Irkutsk: a great hostel and lovely wooden houses

After some relaxing days, we said goodbye to the official capital of Siberia and hello to the unofficial capital of East-Siberia to discover the magnificent area around Lake Baikal. This meant two nights on the ‘official’ Russaya (or Trans-Siberian train between Moscow and Vladivostok). We again shared our Kupe with a young friendly Russian couple, […]