‘Why Not?’

Two years ago, during a graduation event, we were debating with friends what we were going to do after Koen would finish his PhD. One of our friends asked me: “Why are you not going to travel for a couple of months, after he is finished?”. That night I couldn’t sleep because that simple question kept on running through my mind: Yes, why not? Fact is, I could not come up with one single reason not to travel. Next morning, I woke up Koen and told him: “Let’s travel the world together!”. And that is how our great adventure started.

We started modest and were planning to travel for two to three months. Easy, no need to quit our jobs, give up our lovely apartment and it would not require a lot of savings. We started discussing countries that we wanted to visit. We both made a list with our top 10 destinations. This is where the first problems were arising: So many beautiful and exciting destinations do not fit into three months. And that is how three months, became five months and five months became 10 months to a year, without a pinned end date.

And so the saving started. We had to minimize our two favorite hobbies: enjoying great food and drinks in the many new places to be in Ghent. And change our shopping habits: from high heels and the latest fashion to shopping for hiking boots and zip off pants.

So here we are, almost embarking on our great adventure. We have quit our jobs, gave up our apartment, planned our goodbye party and are still working on our visa’s and the administration back home.

We are looking forward to share our adventures with you!

Suus & Koen